The Best Hose Holder Stand for Your Home

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I’m sure we’re not alone when I say that we have hoses in quite a few places around the exterior of our home. My husband does most of the outdoor work, and he likes a convenient way to water the plants, clean off the patio, and clean the boat before storing. And this was one chore I never had trouble getting my kids to help with!

A freestanding hose holder can be a wonderful way to store your hose and still have it easily accessible.

We chose to place a freestanding (not attached to house but must be inserted in the ground) holder in the back of our home for easy accessibility for the kids mainly. We also have stone on the back of our home, and attaching a holder for a hose would have been difficult if not impossible. Finally, we didn’t mind that the hose was visible in the back of our home, although we did choose something entirely different for the front yard area.

Take a look at our top five hose holder stands, and see why we like them!

Top Five Hose Holder Stands for 2024

Heavy Duty Metal Hose Holder Stand

This hose caddy is good looking, made of a heavy duty metal, and has three anchor points that are plenty deep to keep this steady in your landscape bedding or lawn by your outdoor water spigot.

  • Total height is 43.5 inches.
  • Holds a standard hose up to 150 feet.
Scroll Detail Hose Storage Stand

Looking for something a little more ornate for your yard? Then this is for you. We love the beautiful and stylish scrolling detail of this hose stand. The three anchor points are solid, not empty, for good stability. The hose holder stand is detachable and this disassembles easily for storage in the winter if desired.

  • Dimensions are 16.14"L x 5.9"W x 42.5"H.
Whimsical Frog Shape Hose Holder Stand

Are you a whimsical, fun person? Then you will love this entertaining hose holder stand in a cute frog shape. I'm not sure it gets any more fun than this (although their flamingo version available on the same page is pretty cute as well!). Like most of our other options, this is made with durable rust-resistant metal.

  • Total height is 43.3 inches.
Thick Heavy Duty Four Point Garden Hose Holder Stand

It's easy to see that this hose holder stand is designed a little differently from the others we have showcased. This model has three strong anchor loops for your garden hose. It has two support rods which can hold up to 70 pounds. And this has four prongs to push into the ground, offering excellent stability. This is definitely one to consider.

  • Total height is 43.3 inches.
Stainless Steel Garden Hose Holder Stand

Finally, for those who want something other than black, we have a stainless steel option with a very attractive, modern design for the holder. Like our others, this is a heavy duty option, holding up to a 150 ft. hose. The stainless steel can withstand harsh weather conditions and is rustproof. It's also got a 5 stakes base for maximum stability, and the stakes are an impressive 7.7 inches.

  • Total height is 45.6 inches.