Ready for Fun With the Best Travel Bar Set

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We live near the beach, and one of our favorite things to do is to meet friends at the fire pits on the beach where a great time is had by all. Everyone brings food to share and whatever they like to drink. Many will bring beer and wine, but my husband is well known for his wicked (and delicious) Manhattan cocktail. The fact that this is a little harder to transport to the beach did not deter my husband, who decided he needed to find an awesome travel bar set that he could use for making his cocktails while on the go. Take a look below to see which sets we considered, and what set we eventually decided on.

Some of you are looking for a kit for your personal use, and others of you are looking for a kit because you’re a professional bartender! Either way, you’ll see something below that will work for you. We tried to come up with a wide variety of sets, both in terms of price and features. The most important consideration for us is always quality, and we believe every option below is high quality. 

We have used our traveling bar often, and we love when the weekend rolls around and it’s time to pack it up with everything we need to make a great Manhattan. Let us know how you end up using yours!

Stylish Tools Only Bar Set

This is an extremely popular set with traveling bartenders, because the set is for tools only and not for transporting bottles of alcohol. There are 17 bartending tools in this kit, so one would be more than prepared to make any cocktail that someone requests. 

I am in love with the beautiful rustic style brown canvas bag that comes with a shoulder strap for carrying. The inside is filled with 27 different pockets and retaining straps for holding any combination of your stainless steel tools, or you really could put just a bottle of alcohol inside. Did I mention the bag can be laundered? Very nice feature.

The quality is excellent, and the tools are stainless steel (although they do make a copper set which costs slightly more). The kit also comes with an ice bag and a wooden mallet! If you're looking to impress with a great looking set of traveling bar tools, look no further.

Bluetooth Speaker Cooler Bag Bar Set

Well, doggone it, this one is perfect for the beach as well...and the pool...or camping in the mountains! To start, the bag is a cooler which can be used to put ice in or keep drinks cool. It has bluetooth speakers in it so you can listen to your favorite playlist while serving up delicious cocktails! The set features all of the stainless tools you need, and includes a small paring knife and cutting board for cutting citrus for cocktails or even for your favorite cheese!

One thing to note, it is recommended that if you fill the cooler portion with ice, you only leave the ice in there a maximum of 1-2 hours to prevent melting and leaking.

Basics Boston Shaker Bar Set

Are you looking for just the basics? Then this small and inexpensive yet excellent quality set is for you! The set comes in a beautiful tube box for portability if desired. The stainless steel pieces include both an 18 ounce and a 28 ounce shaker, a high end cocktail strainer, and a jigger..all you really need to make so many wonderful cocktails. The shaker has a weighted bottom for a perfect seal every time.

The set also features fun little recipe cards, so you can step outside the box with your cocktail making if you want, and make every cocktail with ease.

This set makes a really terrific gift for someone, and you can't beat the price, so it's worth a look for sure.

Vintage Suitcase Luxury Bar Set

If you are looking to impress, and want a luxury bar set for either home or travel, this one will surely not disappoint. It is simply gorgeous! This kit comes in a premium leatherette mahogany suitcase with an elegant velveteen interior. The suitcase measures 10.5" x 10.3" x 14", and has a handle and a detachable shoulder strap. This lovely set reminds me so much of one my father had back in the day.

The bar tools are stainless steel, and includes a stainless steel cocktail shaker, a strainer, ice tongs, a double sided jigger, two beautiful cocktail glasses, two olive picks, and a vermouth mister and stirrer. There is plenty of room for your favorite alcohol inside as well. Inside, the tools and alcohol bottles will have beautiful matching leather straps to hold everything in place. This luxury travel bar set is a dream come true for martini lovers!

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