Motion Activated LED Strip Bed Light

I was talking to a good friend recently, and he mentioned that he just put these motion activated LED strip bed lights in each of their bedrooms in the house.

I love this idea! I was not even aware these existed. What a great way to make sure that I get to and from my destination safely if I wake in the middle of the night. I believe my hips, shins, and toes will thank me.

LED Under Bed Lights Motion Sensor LED Under Bed Lights Motion Sensor

This product comes with the LED lights (make sure you measure and choose the length and number of strips that you want), adhesive tape to stick the lights to the bed, the sensor, and the plug.

  • The sensor does a great job detecting motion.
  • The color is a warm white which most people prefer.
  • You can adjust the brightness, and also the amount of time it stays on.
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These lights are a great idea for all ages. Kids love how cool they look, seniors love having the extra light for safety without reaching for a lamp or switch, and everyone in between loves them for the same reasons. 

You can think outside the box with these as well! They are not just for under the bed. People use them to light up stairs, in the nursery for checking on the baby, in closets, and under cabinets for ambient lighting. I’ve already got ideas in my home, I’m planning to order a few more.

The entire family thinks these lights are terrific, and I have a feeling you will too.

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