How to Repurpose Candle Jars into Pretty Glass Organizers for Your Home

My daughter worked for a large retail candle chain for awhile, and it was during this time that I developed a new (but healthy!) addiction. You see, I found that I really loved wonderful, calming scents surrounding me while I work in my home office. I’d burn them down to the bottom, but then hesitate to throw them away, thinking there must be another use for the leftover container. So I began to research, and I found this wonderful video about how to repurpose your used candle jars and turn them into pretty glass organizers that can be used in many ways around your home!
Video Credit: Allison Anderson

Supplies Needed

Remaining Supplies

  • Small paintbrush
  • Pack of letter stickers (if desired)

Step By Step Instructions

  1. The first thing you’ll need to do is clean out the used candle jar. If you place the jar in the freezer for at least a few hours, the wax will harden nicely. Then you can use a knife to crack the wax into pieces and remove from the jar. If the wick ends up sticking to the bottom, just pour some hot water in the bottom and it should quickly just pull right out.
  2. Wash the jar with soap and water, and dry. If there is any leftover residue after cleaning, you can use rubbing alcohol on a cloth and that will take care of it.
  3. You can be creative and make any design you like here, but to make the graduated stripe design you’ll start with your clean jar and your 1/4 inch crafting tape. Place the first line of tape 1 inch from the bottom of the jar, using a ruler to measure and make sure it’s 1 inch all the way around. TIP: Press the bottom of the jar against something steady, hold the tape steady, and use your free hand to rotate the jar so that the tape applies evenly. Always use a ruler to check all the way around the jar after applying the tape.
  4. Place the second piece of tape a 1/2 inch above the first piece of tape.
  5. Place the third piece of tape a 1/4 inch above the second tape. 
  6. For the last two pieces of tape, they should be less than a 1/4 inch above the previous tape. The idea is to continue with the graduated look of the tape. If you prefer a monogrammed jar, just place two pieces of tape at the top and bottom of the jar, both a 1/4 inch from the edge. Now add a piece of tape 1/4 inch above the bottom tape and 1/4 inch below the top tape. Grab a letter sticker and center it evenly between the tape.
  7. When finished with the tape, use some rubbing alcohol to carefully remove any fingerprints from the jar.
  8. Now it’s time to paint! Take your brush and brush on light coats of paint, always painting in the same direction. Don’t paint above the top tape line, leave that area clear. Set upside down to dry for an hour, and then apply a second coat. Set upside down to dry again.
  9. Clean the lid of your jar and paint that as well, starting with the rim first and finishing with the top. Let dry.
  10. After the lid is dry, you can add a small knob to the lid using a little hot glue and centering on the lid. You should be able to find inexpensive knobs at hobby stores or home stores.

These are not difficult to make, but they do require a little patience to get the crafting tape on evenly and to let things dry. Don’t worry, your patience will pay off! They can be used for so many things…I use mine in the bathroom for cotton balls and cotton swabs, in my office for large binder clips, and in my kitchen for seasonal, colorful candy. What a great idea for a teacher gift as well. So give this fun project a try, you won’t be disappointed!

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