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How to Dim Alarm Clock Light

Although I have a popular blog post about the best alarm clocks with dim light, I do have people who want to know how to dim alarm clock light on a clock they already own and love.

The good news is it is possible and actually easy to accomplish this with inexpensive sheets that cover the bright numbers while still allowing the numbers to be perfectly visible. These sheets can be cut easily to size, and they are static cling…which means if you have a reason to remove them temporarily they will attach back on with no problem. 

This particular product comes with two 6″ x 3″ sheets in a package.

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You can use these for other items in your home, from cell phones to oven lights, and in your car with a bright stereo at night. They are especially great for travel to dim the light of the hotel clock.

I love the fact that these are so easy to use as they are static cling (some other brands use glue), can be cut to size easily, and are perfect for someone who doesn’t want to learn the features of a new alarm clock but would rather just make a small fix on the one that they already have.