How to Dim Alarm Clock Light: Dim It® Light Dimming Sheets

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Is your current alarm clock too bright? Although I have a popular post about alarm clocks with dimmable light, I have many people who love their current alarm clocks. So this post is for people who want to know how to dim alarm clock light on a clock they already own. This is a game-changer for quality sleep!

After reading so much about these and seeing so many positive reviews, I decided to put the Dim It® Light Dimming Sheets to the test.

Whether it’s the blinding blue LED from your alarm clock, or the irritating glow of your modem’s signal, these lights can disturb our sleep. Dim It® is uniquely designed to combat this issue.

Dim It ® Light Dimming Sheets


  • Covers brightness well
  • Can be cut to size
  • Utilizes static cling technology, not a sticky adhesive


  • Some surfaces do not allow for static cling

Size: Two 6 x 3" sheets

Conquer Your Night’s Brightness

The Dim It® Sheets do one thing: they cover the harsh brightness of LED and electronic products. After applying these sheets, the room has a soothing, darker ambiance that significantly enhances sleep quality. Imagine sleeping in a world with no visual disturbances. It’s a sleep revolution!

Practicality Meets Convenience

What I appreciate most about these light dimming sheets is their practicality and convenience. They are designed to cancel out bright lights that disturb your sleep, making them perfect for those frustratingly bright alarm clocks. It’s a simple yet ingenious solution to a problem that often slips under the radar.

Customize Your Light Control

With 2 black colored 6″ x 3” Medium-sized sheets, you have the power to customize your light control. Need to cover a smaller LED indicator? Just cut a smaller piece. Also, these sheets function perfectly on touch screens, providing maximum versatility.

Aesthetically Pleasing Design

One concern I had before using Dim It® was whether it would significantly change the look of my clock. However, I should not have been concerned, it seamlessly integrates with your my clock and any of your other electronic devices.

Effective On Different Light Intensities

While Dim It® is suitable for both weak and strong light sources, it works better with weaker lights. You’ll definitely have to test it out on your light source. But these will dim the light of your alarm clock.

Innovative Static Cling Technology

What truly sets Dim It® apart from its competitors is its use of Static Cling Technology. It doesn’t use a sticky adhesive, which is a godsend, as it doesn’t leave any residue on the surface.

To get the best adhesion, apply it to a smooth, dry, and clean glass-like surface. The sheets should adhere beautifully.

How to Use Dim It® Light Dimming Sheets to Dim Alarm Clock Light

Wrapping It Up

The Dim It® Light Dimming Sheets really work and definitely make sleep better. From the innovative design to the practicality, it’s a nice addition to any home or office which has troublesome LED lights. It’s not just a product, but a path to improved sleep and, therefore, a better life.

And let’s face it, who doesn’t crave a good night’s sleep?