Best Book Light for Reading in Bed

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I love to spend some quality time with a good novel immediately before turning in at night. My husband, on the other hand, is not a late night reader. In fact, you could say that my husband really dislikes light at night (see my review of alarm clocks with dim light here. As you can imagine then, my love of reading before bed can lead to a few problems!

A few months ago, I began looking for the best book light for reading in bed. I was pleasantly surprised to find a variety of options, and I’m now the proud owner of several of these that I use for more than just my novel at night. 

I wanted to be able to illuminate my pages without annoying my husband. I didn’t want to go through batteries like crazy. I wanted a nice soft light that would be conducive to sleep immediately afterward. And I wanted something that would be great for travel. Take a look at what I found and why I like all of these options.

Single Flex Arm Rechargeable Book Light For Reading in Bed

This is a terrific option with a single flex arm that can be adjusted from page to page. It has a solid clip that attaches to your book, and can be used with paperbacks as well is clipped to a small section of pages. In fact, this is great for needlework and many other things as well.


It is rechargeable, and one charge provides 60 hours before needing to charge again. The illumination is diffused and soft white, perfect for your eyes. If you prefer a cool white, you have that option as well. Each different colored light has three levels of brightness. And it is lightweight and folds up very nicely. All in all this is a very good choice.

Double Flex Arm Rechargeable Book Light For Reading in Bed

This has all of the same features as the first option on my list, but this has two flex arms. The benefit here is no adjusting the single arm back and forth between pages as needed, these two arms can be directed at both pages, one on each. I find this easier, but beware; although you can adjust the illumination with a few different levels, it can be too much for a sleeping spouse. I also find that it's not quite as portable for a purse or small bag.

Neck Hug Light for Reading in Bed

This is a very different option and definitely has many of its own merits. This hangs around your neck, and illuminates from either end directly onto whatever is in front of you. So not only is it great for nighttime with my novel, I use this for so many other things like craft projects, and even walking the dog at night!

This is also completely rechargeable for up to 40 hours, has three different brightness levels, and although not the smallest on my list, it easily folds to fit in a purse.

Bookmark Book Light for Reading in Bed

I love this option. This is so small and portable that I actually keep one in my purse at all times. It really comes in handy when you're trying to read menus in a dim restaurant!

This has four different levels of brightness, illuminates softly and not harshly, and has a built in USB cable. Best of all, it can go flat enough to mark your place when you are finished. Although I found this to be most useful while out and about, this is a great option for nighttime as well.

Mountable Minimalist Book Light for Reading in Bed

In case you're not interested in fiddling with clips or wearing something around your neck, here is an option that can be mounted to your headboard or wall, with a great sleek and modern look for your room. Although I wouldn't choose this for maximum portability, it is a great option for maximum convenience when at home.

It has a warm white focused beam, a touch switch for dimming, and can stay connected to power so you never have to worry about running out of charge or batteries. What a great looking option that will always be right where you want it!

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