Best Automatic Soap Dispenser for Kitchens and Bathrooms

We recently moved to a new state, and for the first time in a long time, we decided to rent a home for a year and get to know the area better before buying a house. One of the downsides of renting, though, is that you can't make major changes to replace some of the things that were important to you in your previous home.

In the past, I've always had the ability to hide my dish soap in a built in container under my sink, with a pump handle above the counter. This home doesn't have this built in, and I really found myself missing it. I missed the clean, uncluttered look, and the ease of doing dishes.

So, I knew that it was time to start looking for the best automatic soap dispenser for kitchens and bathrooms.

I really wanted something to sit on my counter that didn't take up too much space, was visually appealing, easy to use, and that put out the proper amount of liquid.

Price is always important, but in this case I was equally concerned about quality and reliability based on my research.

Beautiful Brushed Nickel Automatic Soap Dispenser
Beautiful Brushed Nickel Automatic Soap Dispenser

This is the dispenser I chose for my kitchen. I just love the clean look of it!

It's a little pricier, but I have not been disappointed. The beautiful brushed nickel finish looks fantastic by my sink faucet, and it pumps the perfect amount of dish soap onto my sponge every time.

It's fast, doesn't drip, it's easy to refill with a nice wide opening, and the volume can be adjusted as needed. I've been using a regular dish soap and have had no issues with clogging. It dispenses the perfect amount every time, and I know I'm using far less dish soap than when I was pouring from the package.

I have had it for a few months now and have had no trouble at all.

Love it!

Highly Rated and Popular Secura Automatic Soap Dispenser
Highly Rated and Popular Secura Automatic Soap Dispenser

You can't go wrong with this touchless dispenser, it's definitely one of my favorites.

To start with, this is priced very well for the excellent quality.

It has a clear container in the front for the soap, making this very appealing if you happen to have a pretty colored soap for your bathroom. The clear container is surrounded by a nice looking chrome and black finish.

It features a volume control switch which allows you to adjust the amount of liquid it dispenses.

It can actually be wall mounted if you choose, or just placed by your sink.

Many do consider this to be quite large, so make sure you measure's 8.7 inches tall, and from the back to the front of the dispenser it measures 6.1 inches.

The company has excellent customer service if something does go wrong.

This one is well worth a look!

Easy Operating All Stainless Automatic Soap Dispenser
Easy Operating All Stainless Automatic Soap Dispenser

This is the dispenser I chose for my bathrooms!

I loved the fact that it was all stainless in appearance, that way when I need to refill with hand soap you won't see any difference in color. I'm not as brand specific here, I tend to buy what's on sale, so this was a concern for me.

It has an easy +/- button on the top to make any adjustments to the quantity of soap that's dispensed, and it's quite easy to refill.

I love the waterproof base on the bottom. And the price is great, so I was comfortable buying one for each of my 3 bathrooms.

I do prefer the faster Simple Human dispenser shown above for my kitchen, but these have worked great and I have been pleased with my choice.

White Touchless Automatic Soap Dispenser
White Touchless Automatic Soap Dispenser

I wanted to show you a nice white dispenser as not everyone needs or wants the stainless look.

This is a really great dispenser for any room but particularly for kid's bathrooms. First, it's white and won't show splashes or fingerprints. It also features a really nice waterproof and anti-slip base. The amount of soap dispensed is adjustable right on the top.

The soap container is transparent, making it simple to see when a refill is needed...and very simple to refill!

This also works well with hand sanitizer!

White Foaming Automatic Soap Dispenser
White Foaming Automatic Soap Dispenser

Who doesn't love a fun, foaming soap?

This is still an automatic soap dispenser, but it dispenses foaming soap instead of liquid soap. This is a favorite with all kids and many adults too!

Just dilute your favorite soap with water as instructed, and save a little money at the same time. Economical for your kitchen as well.

The soap container is transparent so it's easy to know when to refill. You can adjust the volume of soap dispensed right on the top.

This one is also easily mountable, which can be really nice, not just at home, but also for preschools and daycare centers.

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